"My mom, A. Pace, was at Mountainside from the last week in June to the third week in July. She was suffering from labored breathing brought on by water in her lungs and around her heart and also had a few other minor conditions going on that resulted from being on dialysis for over 8 years. She is 86 years old. She was going to be discharged after being at Mountainside for three weeks, but before so doing, we were advised by the social worker that she had two choices before being discharged. She could go home with 24 hour home care or go into a nursing home. My mom was given those choices and she chose to go home at that time. Now the big issue was getting her the proper Home Care Services. A few private home care services were suggested by the same social work at Mountainsdie. One of the services being offered at that time was Cecile Sutherland’s Cedas Home Care. Well, lucky for my mother and I, I chose Cedas Home Care. After the interview with Cecile and her talking personally with my mom at the hospital I decided she was the right choice and I didn’t have to go any further." - Donna C
, Montclair Jan 19, 2011

Dear Ms. Sutherland; We cannot thank you enough for the care and compassion you and your employees have shown to our mother. Your professionalism and the high standard of care provided by your employees gave our family great comfort and peace during a very stressful time. You addressed all of our concerns immediately from the first meeting to the conclusion of your services. During the time that your employees were "sitter" for our mother, we felt that anyone you recommended would be someone we could trust to take care of her needs. All of your employees were responsible, caring and treated our mother with dignity and respect. We can highly recommend your organization to any family who requires an aide or sitter for their parent. We know that you will show them the same level of care that you provided for our mother.
, Demarest, NJ May 20, 2011

I have to commend you on the girls you have. Words can not really express how wonderful they are! Their attention to detail, their respect and compassion for the patient and family go beyond what others do. We have had your girls for a good six months. Knowing they were here to care for my Mom & Dad made it easy to leave and go to work. I never had to worry that they wouldn't be well cared for. When anyone asks about the care I had for my parents, I can honestly say I had angles here for them! I wish I could have continued with them, Dad and I miss them very much. They are family. Please know we thank all of you for everything you did for us! Warmest regards,
Jun 8, 2014

"I have been very happy with the services and wonderful care that Cecile and her caregivers have provided for my parents. Although the focus of the caregiver’s attention is for my mother, they make sure that my father is also provided with the friendship and companionship he looks forward to. I especially appreciate the ongoing follow-up concerning the care giving process and the willingness of Cedas Home Care to make necessary changes and adaptations as my mother’s needs change. Thanks you for providing this safe and comfortable environment for my parents." -Marlene R
, Verona NJ Oct 20, 2010

I would like to pass on a few thoughts concerning Lorna, my Aunt's Care Giver. I highly recommend her for any future assignments. Lorna was always prompt, efficient and fully aware of my Aunt's condition and our concerns. She was always respectful but strong willed enough to do what needed to be done for my Aunt's benefit. I would not hesitate to ask for her again should the opportunity arise.
, Fairfield NJ Jun 28, 2012

Once again, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the support your team gave to my mother in her last days. Herlande and Pamela took great care of Mom's needs and significantly reduced the pressure on me and my husband after Mom came home from the hospital. They were prompt, professional and courteous at all times. Judy Bennett was very helpful and professional during her assessment of Mom, not to mention giving me a number of good tips. In short, everyone we met from Cedas was a pleasure to work with. We would be happy to be a reference for you. Thank you for all of your help.
Jan 7, 2016

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