Cedas Concierge Services

concierge-patient-NJCedas Concierge Services is a quintessential concierge management company that primarily focus on providing hospitality services to individuals who enjoy the finer things in life.  We are your strategic partner who will get your requests done to your satisfaction.

Services are designed to meet your social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs.   We offer a myriad of services, from planning your next exotic vacation, dinner reservations, executive assistant needs, driving to important meetings as well as hands-on services for activities of daily living.  Just state your needs and we will make it happen.

Aging happens at yet another chapter in life’s journey.  That chapter should be enjoyable as all the previous ones,…….the only difference now is, you have more control over what happens.  You now define what enjoyment means to you and how much you will allocate to attaining that ultimate experience.

Services Offered

  • International and local travel
  • Plan and execute private social events
  • Executive Assistant
  • Dinner reservations
  • Theatre reservations
  • Personal shopping
  • Coordination of senior services
  • Private home care
  • Liaison between client and medical professionals
  • Escort to doctor and dentist visits
  • Grocery shopping
  • Accompany to faith-based events
  • Bereavement support
  • End of life transition
  • And many, many more


We select your ideal person who is highly qualified and experienced in the services of your interest.


To provide personal concierge services to engaged intellectually stimulating individuals, who crave for the finer things in life.


To be known as the ultimate personal concierge management company, allowing others to fulfill their bucket list and beyond.


Cecile Sutherland knows how to make her Mom feels like a queen.  She visits her regularly in Plantation, Florida and takes her on vacations, frequent spa visits, fine dining and shopping.  Her mother looks forward to her visits.  After the various events experiences, her Mom appeared to be content and less complaining of life’s aging journeys.

She blends traditional care for seniors with age appropriate hospitality,……a service long overdue for active seniors who simply need a gentle nudge to re-embrace the life still yet to be lived and enjoyed.