Alzheimer’s Disease or Memory Loss

Although Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss are two terms that are inter-related to each other but the fact is that they cannot be considered as the same. This is true that memory loss is one of the major signs of Alzheimer’s disease. There are some basic differences between the two. Only by complete medical examination […]

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Life Is A Journey

It is often said that growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Therein lays not only the key to longevity, but to maximally enjoying one’s golden and twilight years—remaining young at heart. A “young” heart’s best friend is an active mind. It is imperative to keep learning, keep wondering and keep cynicism and jadedness […]

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Siblings Coordinating Home Care Services for Their Parents

Siblings Coordinating Home Care Services for Their Parents There are two sure ways that will send you back to childhood:  going home for the holidays and needing to deal with aging parents.  When a crisis occurs, adult children are immediately thrown back into childhood roles, highlighting all the hidden or ignored family dysfunctions.    Adult children […]

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How to Find the Right Home Care Services

There Are Two Types of Support You Can Have in Your Home– Home Health and Home Care. They sound similar but are actually quite different. After a stay in the hospital, a doctor might require someone to be cared for at home on a short-term basis. The request for home health services could be for […]

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Caring for caregivers in the workplace

The call comes when you least expect it.  You are going about your day at work with new deadlines for projects and you are feeling confident that you can accommodate your boss’s requests.  It’s late Monday afternoon and your cell phone rings.  It’s your mother telling you that your Dad is not feeling well.  Your […]

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